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Where To Store A Boat When Not In Use

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The Best Places To Store Your Pontoon Boat

The best way to enjoy water in a variety of ways is by owning a boat but this also comes with a responsibility of taking care of it. It is important to know that all types of accessories need proper storage for them to last long and at the same time protect them from theft. It does not matter whether you own a pontoon, yacht, row, sail, or speed boat but the most important thing is how you take care of it. Storing them in a safe and secure place is in most cases necessary when weather is bad or when the sporting season comes to an end. You can not keep it on the water during winter because the water will in most cases freeze during that time. There are some occasions when you will want to store your boat out of the water even if the season is favorable. Indoor storage facilities guarantee climate control compared to storage areas close to the water that only protect the boat from direct exposure. Storage is one of the major challenges for most owners but this article will provide some useful ideas on where to store a boat when not in use.

It is always a good thing to ensure that the place where you plan to store your boat is safe and secure. You can store it on your own or put it in someone’s care but there are certain basic things you need to put into consideration when searching for storage facilities. To begin with, you have to determine the kind of storage you prefer and how long you want to store your boat. You should first of all decide if you want to store it away from the water or close to the water. Other important factors to consider include climate and the type of maintenance to be done before and during storage. The following are some of the major methods of storing your boat when not being actively utilized:

The backyard

It is always a good idea to check your back yard first before you can start searching for other storage options. It is possible to store your boat in your own back yard or zoning if it is large enough instead of paying for a storage facility. You should also consider storing it in your own back yard if the homeowner’s association rules do not prohibit such machines and accessories. You should only go for other storage options like outdoor storage facilities, sheds and warehouses if your own back yard is not a viable option.

Boat warehouses

This is the best place to store your boat if you want to ensure that it is well protected indoors and is also safe from accidental damage, tampering, and weather damage. You can also get some discounts from most warehouses for extended periods of storage and it is also important to point out that warehouse terms and conditions are relatively easy. Boat owners are expected to ship them to the warehouse but there are some warehouses that provide the service at an extra fee.

Boat sheds

This method is suitable for those that want to store their boats near the water or inland because it is very secure and simple. You should ensure that your boat has its own covering to protect glass and interior furnishing because the sheds do not completely enclose it despite the fact that several sides are normally protected. You will always be guaranteed easy storage and convenience when you store your boat in sheds. The sheds can be used for longer periods of storage and are also a great choice for seasonal storage like during winter.

Outdoor boat storage facilities and lots

It is always a good idea to go for lots and outdoor storage facilities when looking for the easiest most convenient way of storing your boat. Most outdoor storage facilities and lots have flexible storage terms especially when you need storage services in an emergency. You can always find space to store your boat in outdoor storage facilities because they are seldom completely full. The owners are required to protect their them from destructive elements because outdoor storage facilities provide fewer services. Outdoor storage facilities and lots charge low storage rates because most of them only provide temporary storage without any extra services.

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