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Waterproof Tablets

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Stay Productive & Entertained On Your Pontoon Boat With A Waterproof Tablet

Irrespective of whether you are shopping for a tablet (for use on a pontoon boat trip) that’s waterproof or one that’s not even water resistent, there are certain general factors which you have to take into consideration irrespective of its water handling capability. Some of the key factors you need to consider even for your waterproof tablet include the following. First, you need to decide whether portability is a priority or not. Keep in mind that tablets with eight (8) inch or smaller tend to weigh less than a pound and are quite thin as well. A good number of unit in this category also have a battery life of fifteen (15) hours or less.

Your budget does also dictate the kind of water proof unit you will buy. Unlike other units that are not waterproof; a similar tablet with the same specifications and not waterproof may cost half the buying price of a waterproof piece. In this regard, most waterproof units cost anything between $ 500 and $ 1000. Keep in mind that tablets with larger displays tend to cost more. To further safeguard it, waterproof cases, sleeves & pouches can also be utilized.  The tablet itself should also be rugged and shockproof, to further withstand the wear and tear.

If you want to read comfortably, type your documents using a different keyboard, utilize standard productivity apps and watch movies; then you should opt for a more versatile tablet with at least twelve (12) hours of battery life. Get a piece that offers you a good mix of performance and features such as remote control capability and memory card slots.

For the best waterproof tablets, make sure they are IP65 rated. This standard ensures that your tablet can withstand dust and water up to certain levels. most of these units are typically characterized as military grade as well. they also tend to come with loads of functions and performances which may be detrimental to the battery life.

Even though most new tablets are good enough for some casual games such as 2048 and Angry Birds, if you intend to play more demanding games such as Modern Combat 4 then you may be forced to buy a more powerful unit that has the video and battery capacity. As much as all tablets offer Wi-Fi connectivity, it is recommended that you opt for a unit that can access cellular data networks such as 4G; keep in mind that monthly broadband costs can be in excess of $20.

Getting the right operating system is also very important. There are 3 main operating systems to choose from. These are Android, iOS and Windows. As a norm, Apple’s tablets all use iOS while most Windows based units use Windows. However, Android is currently the most common OS; especially so in the waterproof tablets sphere. When choosing an OS keep in mind that the capabilities of a tablet are in a large degree determined by its operating system, being able to upgrade the version installed in the factory does make the use additional capabilities possible, it does also allow the tablet to use the newest apps in the market. The rule of thumb is to always ensure that the OS you choose is upgradeable.

You should also get a tablet with enough ports. This is very important since storage in many tablets can be expanded by simply using a memory cards, some of the tablets can even read USB drives. You should also consider the app market when choosing your tablet. If you choose a tablet with an Android system, make sure it has access to Google genuine Google Play market and not simply a 3rd party app such as Get Jar.

If you want to share your tablet with your kids then you should pay close attention to the content. Even though most tablets include art-studio apps, e-books, games and much more, the quality and amount of content may vary significantly. You should also be wary with some of the offerings since some tablets may seem to have lots to offer in terms of popular games, but many tend to trial versions which may not be worth your while.

Here are some of the popular waterproof Tablets readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Leeline T70 Waterproof Android Tablet

Product Price: $ 598.00

Product URL: https://is.gd/IrABdj

Product Details: this is a 7 inch super bright readable screen , quad core, 1.5Ghz with its CPU supporting single SIM card as well 3G WCDMA/2G GSM. This unit does pride itself as a waterproof military tablet that supports NFC. It does have 1GB of system memory and 16GB of built in storage which can be extended with an SD memory card up to 64GB

2) Product Name: LEELINE A370F Robust Android Tablet

Product Price: $ 638.00

Product URL: https://is.gd/V4IgfM

Product Details: this is an IP65 certified unit, meaning the tablet is water and dust proof and can be submerged in water on depth of 1.5 m for half an hour . the unit is equipped with Qualcomm 8 by 25Q 1.2 GHz quad core processor. it is also equipped with an 8000mAh battery.

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