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Pontoon Boat Seat Covers: One Way To Long Lasting Seats

It’s always fun and super thrilling hanging out on a pontoon boat with friends and special ones enjoying the ancient poetry in motion that is sailing. It is almost a status symbol to say, “Hey, how about we go on a ride on our pontoon?”

If you have one, you very well know it’s a piece of luxury that requires a lot of creative investment. One of them is finding the right type of seat covers for them. Remember, a seat cover for a pontoon is not just an embellishment but also a protection.

Pontoon boat seat covers are often manufactured using polyester or a vinyl blend. Such manufactured cover is placed on the upholstered seat. On the cover’s borders, there is a string that allows you to fasten cover around the seat. These seat covers can be made in different shapes to fit different seats.

Why Do You Need Seat Covers?

Marine vessels are not like other vehicles. They are exposed to extremely harsh environmental torments both natural and man-made. The damage done might cost you hundreds of dollars. Here come in place the seat covers. Over the years, these seat covers have evolved to work not only for damage control but also for comfort.

Pontoon boats are generally kept in highly humid environments. A lot of moisture can be trapped between the seat and the cover. The vinyl seat covers have little ventilation gaps that let the trapped moist air be free, inot, this moisture can give rise to mold and other disgusting things that you wouldn’t like to grow on your boat. Therefore, right pontoon seat covers are absolute necessity.

What are they called?

Ever since their inception, the covers were called canvas. These canvas traps were used to block sunlight and water splashes. The fabric proved to be durable initially but then it turned susceptible to mold. That is when a vinyl mixture development took place. Ever since, the vinyl technology made its debut, it became so popular with the makers and the buyers that Marine Vinyl has become a generic name.

Most of the seat covers for pontoon boats are made of Marine Vinyl. Marine Vinyl comes in different weights ranging from 29 ounces to 32 ounces. The lighter the material, the easier it is to replace it when damaged.

Waterproofing of Marine Vinyl:

If you are interested, you might buy Marine Vinyl with waterproof protection. Make up products like eyeliner, lipstick, sunscreens, oil, ink or any liquid can do grave damage to the seat vinyl which makes the waterproofing all the more important. This has an obvious advantage as the salty ocean water will not damage your seat. If you find some wine marks from last night’s party, you are good to do with waterproofed marine vinyl seat covers as they are easy to clean.

Not just that, this waterproofing will help you maintain the beauty of the seat cover. The gloss is just perfect and it maintains the position of the seat cover for longer. It is up to you to have a matte finish or a glossy finish for the waterproofing.

Cold Crackers for Vinyl:

If you live in cold temperatures, it is essential to buy one of these. Like most of the seating materials, vinyl turns hard and brittle in cold temperatures. It gets so brittle that the material begins to develop cracks. This might make your seat look like it has some ugly looking tiger stripes.

For this to be prevented, many companies like Craftwell, sell binders. These binders make sure that the vinyl stitched underneath them doesn’t crack.

Damage in Vinyl:

Most of the Vinyl covers come with a vinyl repair kit. This repair kit is a genius in creating a see-through effect over the actual cover. Little tears on the covers can be repaired using this kit. The kit comes with a grain patterned paper to blend the repair in with the cover. If done right, the repairs are almost invisible.

The seams are the most vulnerable part of the cover. If they fall apart, the seats might get clogged with water. Usually the seams in a vinyl cover come off due to rotting of the thread. In such cases, it is a case of emergency to resew the covers to keep the waterproofing intact.

Few Notable Brands: Avalon:

Avalon Pontoon Boats Furniture is keeping customers happy since 1972. For more than 30 years, they have been manufacturing pontoon boat seat covers to fit the sizes asked for by customers. There are more than 100 models of covers made by Avalon to fit more than 100 models of pontoons.


iBoats is an online website that provides boating material and have made prompt deliveries all the time. This brand is known for the perfect fit for the cover. These are found to be easy to remove and easy to put on and user friendly too. The thickness guarantees longer durability. Their prices range from $18 to $40.

Where to find Pontoon Seat Covers?

They are available in many retail outlets and boating specialty outlets. Here are a few links to purchase them online:

· https://is.gd/niAsBF
· https://is.gd/ukzC4r
· https://is.gd/sgChCt
· https://is.gd/xfMN0m

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