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Pontoon Boat Furniture

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Pontoon Boat Furniture: Available Accessories For Your Pleasure

Pontoon boats are usually used for leisure. They are perfect for family cruises; especially if they are large. Boats with spacious decks can accommodate various accessories. Pontoon boat furniture includes seats and tables. The seats are padded to offer additional comfort. You can choose between bench and pedestal seats depending on how you intend to use the boat. The seats are necessary to give the people on board a view of the environs. Pedestal seats a better option if you want custom seating for fishing in your boat. If you want the seats to have a permanent place on your deck, bench seats are ideal. However, a well designed boat should include both.

Bench Seats

The bench seating designed for pontoon boas can either be in built or bolted to the deck. Some of the benches available in the market are removable and this allows boat owners to simply lock them in place when they are required. Bench seats can hold various items such as water toys and life jackets. They have storage space at their base. Some of them include ice chests, which come in handy if you want to entertain on the boat. You can place cooler under the benches and this will protect the ice from the sun. The cooler will stay cool for longer periods even on those hot summer days.

If the vessel has a gas grill on the deck, bench seats provide a great place to keep the gas tank. These seats are designed to offer a relaxing place for those on board. It is easier to take in the scenic views if you are on a bench seat. They will provide additional seating space on the boat.

A captain can choose a bench seat if they want to have company when manning the vessel. They can accommodate a trainee, partner, or child who wants to learn boat handling skills.

If you are looking for rear bench seats for your boat, the Wise rear group deluxe pontoon boat seat (b) style seating available in red charcoal, and light grey is ideal. It has corner couches which serve two functions. There is a lot of storage space for gear under the seat. It is easy to install and it is not affected by the elements. This bench seat will not rot or develop mildew after contact with water. It is available on sportmansguide.com for $1049.99.

To accommodate a large number of people on the vessel, you can get the Wise premier angler seat group for 8. It has four benches, one corner seat, captain steer console, two boats seats, and a bucket seat for those who like fishing. You can purchase these seats on sportsmansguide.com for $2069.99.

The Wise deluxe pontoon flip flop seat is another seating option available. It comes with a two position backrest, which allows passengers to sit straight or recline for additional comfort. It also offers storage beneath the seat cushion. It is available on sportmansguide.com for $249.99.

Pedestal Seats

The pedestal seats are available in permanent mount styles and swivel types. If you want to use your boat for fishing, the swivel seats are a good option. They can also be used by the captain. Swivel pedestal seats make it easy for the captain to turn. They allow the captain to have a good view of every item in the rear and front of the vessel. Swivel seats are also comfortable because they come with arm rests. They are often found behind the vessel’s control panel, which the captain uses to steer the boat.


Pontoon boat furniture also includes tables. The tables can be fastened to the deck but you can get a foldable one. They come in handy when you are dining. Foldable tables are popular because you can get them out of the way when they are not needed.

A great example of this type of furniture is a Garelick 16x32” melamine top deck table. It is light, folds up to a small size and it low, which makes it stable when the boat is moving on the water. This table is available online on Sportsmanguide.com for $129.99.

If you prefer a table that is fastened to the deck, the Garelick polymer table with stowable pedestal is a great idea. It offers a small removable table that has two cup holders, which are recessed. It is available at sportsmanguide.com for $249.99.

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