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Pontoon Boat Cleaning Tips

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Tips To Use When Cleaning A Pontoon Boat

 Pontoon boats normally have large tabular tanks which support the main deck on the marine vessel. The boat pontoons have a sturdy air-tight construction that is made from aluminum. The best thing with these boats is that they can sit in water for weeks or even months when moored or docked. However, the pontoon tanks may accumulate contaminants due to saltwater, algae, grimy surface film and oxidation. Therefore, the pontoon tanks need a scheduled cleaning so as to prevent corrosion and to restore the original aluminum’s natural luster. Everyone with this kind of boat can do the cleaning and polishing alone using some unique products as well as maintenance tips. The following are some of the pontoon boat cleaning tips which are used in the entire process of cleaning boats.

Identify a suitable work location

You should trail your boat and transport it to place where you can comfortably clean it. The area should have a garden hose pipe that has a high-pressure nozzle. You can use a tarp so as to cover the areas of the deck which have fiberglass or wood construction in order to protect these areas from the acidic nature of the products used in cleaning. After this, mix a solution of the hull-cleaning liquid with warm water following the instructions given by the manufacturer of that solution. You should use the aerosol cleaner to spray the pontoon and allow it to set for five minutes. You may use a large brush so as to scrub all the pontoons while ensuring that you are fully removing all traces of oil, algae, mud, oxidation and the hard water surface film.

Rinse your pontoon boat thoroughly

You are supposed to rinse your boat with water under very high pressure. Once you have rinsed it, you should give it some minutes for the pontoon air to dry or else you dry them manually using clean towels. One can even use aluminum cleaner in the aerosol can in order to spray the bigger sections of the pontoons beginning from the bottom spraying upwards. Allow the chemicals found in the cleaner to foam up and work for one to five minutes. This depends on the severity of the grime, oxidation and stains. You may agitate the cleaner using a cleaning brush and then rinsing. You can also opt to rinse without using the brush but stand at a safe distance. You should wear goggles in order to protect your eyes.

Wipe the pontoons

In this step, you should use clean towels to wipe and dry the pontoons. You may connect a polishing ball to any electric drill motor and ensure that you have your goggles on. Apply 4 drops of aluminum polish directly to the polishing ball and remember to turn the drill motor on. Pass the polishing ball over aluminum in a clockwise and forward direction at a slow speed. Increase the speed of the motor and use a bit more pressure so as to buff the polish into the aluminum till it shines.

Polish the large sections

The large sections should be polished at a time while taking some breaks. To get the best results, use the horizontal motions as well as straight polishing lines. Wipe all the polished areas using a clean towel to remove the visible residue. For you to remove any tough or lasting stains which may still remain, use the spray on the cleaner to clean the area. Allow it to set for about 5 minutes before scrubbing using a brush. Ensure that you re-polish and rinse the area thoroughly with a clean dry towel.

The last step involves placing wood blocks and a hydraulic jack under each of the pontoons to lift them high for you to access the bottom sections that you could not reach. Use the similar cleaning tips to clean and polish these sections of the pontoon. You can even use the pontoon cleaner, the polishing compound and the aluminum cleaner in a similar sequence. You can also dry the pontoons using a soft rag.

In conclusion, the above is the entire process that should be followed whenever someone is cleaning the pontoon boats and all its sections. If you have a boat, you can always follow the above tips and they will ease the cleaning work.


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