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Pontoon Boat Batteries - How To Keep Your Boat Running Smoothly

Shopping for pontoon boat batteries should not be a daunting prospect even if you are a first time buyer. If you can understand the various types of batteries as well as their applications, you can be able to choose the perfect one for your application. There are two basic types of batteries, and the first one is the starting or cranking battery, which is designed to start your main engine. The other type of battery is a deep cycle battery, which you can use to power your electrical accessories, including radios, fish-finders and trolling motors. Dual-purpose batteries are also available.

Some of the products that you can find include the Duralast Marine Deep Cycle, which offers more power to provide energy for your multiple accessories such as radios, depth finders and cooking accessories among others. The battery weighs 45 pounds and has a height of 225 mm and a width of 173 mm. The battery is available for just $199 at Amazon.

Another battery that you can check out is the Duralast Dual Purpose Marine Battery. This battery is useful if you want to start your boat and run some accessories in your riverboat. The battery has been designed to provide you with the cold cranking amps that you need to start the engine. It weighs 54 pounds and has a height of 225 mm and a width of 173 mm. The battery is available for just $199 at Amazon.

The third product that is recommended is the Optima Marine. This is a perfect battery for someone with extreme power demands when boating. Its Absorbed Glass Matt technology is useful for providing massive starting power. The battery runs longer and can be charged faster than other marine batteries. This battery can last up to two times longer, compared with other marine batteries. You can also store this battery longer than other batteries. The battery is available for just $156.40 at Amazon.

Another great product is the Vmaxtanks MR137 AGM Battery. The battery uses an electrolyte suspension system that consists of Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) of a high porosity that totally absorbs and contains the electrolyte. There are no silica gels in these batteries and so they will not contaminate the environment. You can expect maintenance free operation and you do not have to add water or check the electrolyte’s specific gravity. This battery is available at Amazon for $269 plus free shipping.

You can also check out the Exide MC-31 MEGACYCLE AGM-200. The battery features dual terminal design and uses Absorbed Glass Matt separator that is engineered for optimal recombination rates to avoid cell dry out and provide superior element compression. This also ensures stability even under extreme vibrations or high cycling operations. The battery weighs 72 pounds and it is 15.5 by 13.8 by 10.2 inches. The battery is available for just $299 at Amazon plus free shipping.

Guide on how to remove your old battery

Once you have bought your battery, it is now time to remove the old one and replace it with a new one. You are going to need a wire brush and a mixture of water and baking soda for neutralizing any acid spills. The first thing that you do is to disconnect the earth connector from the black earth terminal, which is the threaded negative post of the old battery. You do this in order to eliminate any short circuits, damage to your boat or igniting lingering oil fumes. The red connector now needs to be undone and you can lift your old battery from its battery box.

Installing the new battery

Before you install your new battery, brush and clean your old wire connectors using the wire brush. After this, coat the connectors and terminals with grease in order to prevent any corrosion. You now need to connect your positive connector with the positive post. The next thing is to connect the earth connector with its black post and your battery is now ready for use. When you need to recharge your pontoon boat batteries, ensure that you use a charger that has been specifically designed for charging it. There are many other elements to talk about; but this is an insight in this regard.

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