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Some Leading Boat Towing Service Providers In The Country

 According to the US Coast Guard, most boating accidents occur due to some level of negligence or human error. It is also noted that with proper planning, one can safeguard him or herself against some risks. Stalling in water due to either a dead battery, lack of fuel or any other mechanical problems is also quite common. It is therefore advisable to either enroll as a member into some of these boat towing service providers or at the very least have some of their contacts before you embark on any journey using your boat. Here is a brief list of some of the above mentioned service providers:

1) Sea Tow Services International, Inc

Mailing address: 700 Hummel Avenue, P.O.Box 1178, Southold, NY 11971

Phone number: 800-4-SEATOW (473-2869)

URL: https://www.seatow.com/

Services Offered: The Company offers on Water services, environmental cleanup tasks, catastrophe response and salvage functions amongst a host of other activities. They also offer related services such as jump starts and fuel deliveries when called upon to do so.

2) TowBoatU.S

Mailing address: Lake Lewisville, TX

Phone number: 800-391-4869 or 972-757-5004

URL: http://www.tow-boat.com/Towing-Services/

Services Offered: it offers de-watering services, on the water towing, fuel drops roles, vessel assistance, diving and salvage and jump starts. It also offers diving services to recover an item dropped or lost overboard. They are a 24/7 reliable service provider which has years of experience in this particular field.

3) Boat Owners Association of the United States (BoatU.S)

Mailing address: 880 South Pickett Street Alexandria VA 22304-4606

Phone number: 800-888-4869 or 800-391-4869

URL: http://www.boatus.com/towing

Services Offered: This is a very large grouping of boat owners in the US that offers a wide variety of services to its members such as Towing services, Boat buying loans and tips, Boat graphics services, boat insurance services and tips on safe and clean boating practices.

4) Bloch Marine Service

Mailing address: 6171 Highway V, St Charles, Missouri 63301

Phone number: 636-250-3007

URL: http://www.blochmarine.com

Services Offered: offers a 24/7 emergency dispatch service that’s second to none. They also offer fuel delivery services and battery jump starts. They are always at hand to assist wherever there is any mechanical mishap with your vessel.

5) Marine Assist of Buffalo Towing and Recovery

Mailing address: 151 North American, Dr West Seneca, NY 14224

Phone number: (716) 674-4943

URL: http://www.marineassistbuffalo.com/index.html

Services Offered: it is a full service in water towage and service marine salvage company which raises sunken boats nationally and locally. It is basically a network of independent marine assistance, salvage and towing service providers dotted around the country.

6) Lewis Towing and Salvage

Mailing address: 11880 Anchorage Marina Dr. Willis, Texas 77318

Phone number: 936-524-0448

URL: http://www.lakeconroefishingguides.com

Services Offered: they provide soft un-groundings, towing, salvage and a 24 hour dispatch. The company prides itself in having a captain on standby on duty for 365 days in the year. It does provide services to those boats that have inadvertently ran out of gas or even get stuck on a sandbar.

7) Ann Bay Towing

Mailing address: 1 Cheston Avenue, Annapolis MD 21401-2705

Phone number: 410-263-1260

URL: http://www.360boating.com/company.cfm?id=29520

Services Offered: provides salvage, towing and a variety of other related services such as jump starts, fuel deliveries and even soft un-groundings. With decades of experience in this highly technical field, the company has a team of well qualified and highly trained personnel.

8) Marine Assist Ashtabula LLC

Mailing address: 1700 E. 1st Street Ashtabula OH 4404

Phone number: 440-645-0031 or Toll free at 866-227-8536

URL: http://www.marineassistllc.com

Services Offered: they offer marine towing, assistance and salvage service specifically in the Lake Erie and Lake Cumberland region. They offer fuel deliveries, soft un-groundings and jump starts. As the company aptly puts it, they offer “roadside service” for water vessels.

9) LAB Marine, Inc

Mailing address: 850 Baltimore Yacht Club Road P.O.Box 2263 Baltimore MD 21221

Phone number: 800-308-6798 or Toll free 800-308-6798

URL: http://www.labmarineinc.com

Services Offered: Yacht sales, Boat Storage and Boat towing. It is the leading vessel recovery.  The organization prides itself in having some of the best recovery captains and sales professionals in the market, ensuring that their clients only experience the best possible service levels.

10) Great Lakes Towing Co

Mailing address: 9402 S Ewing Avenue Chicago IL 60617-4642

Phone number: 773-768-6152

URL: http://www.thegreatlakesgroup.com

Services Offered: it is a full service marine transportation organization that’s made up of a number of highly diversified marine related companies that operate on the Great Lakes. This includes the Great Lakes Towing Company, Puerto Rico Towing and Barge Company, Tugz International LLC and Great Lakes Shipyard. The group is therefore well equipped in handling repair work, towing services, New Construction, the charter, purchase and sale of boats.

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