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Boat Seat Repair Tips

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Easy To Follow Boat Seat Repair Tips

Boat seats are prone to wear and tear because of exposure to the elements and regular use. Boat seat repair tips can help you ensure they remain functional for a longer period.

Mount Problem

The forward seat on your boat may have a mount problem, making it difficult for you to use it. This may happen if the weld support bends backwards or breaks. To repair this problem, you need a drill, a new base, carridge bolts, and washers. The new base should be made of aluminum while the washers and bolts have to be stainless.

1. Trim the carpet around the weld support at about 45 degrees.

2. Drill the screws out of the front mount. These screws are usually made of stainless steel. Make sure you drill all the heads off and drive them through the wood.

3. Install the aluminum base. The base should have at least six holes. Use the washers and carridge bolts to secure it in place.

Worn Padding

The padding on your boat seats may be worn out after a while, making repairs necessary. Foam padding is usually used on the boats. You will need a utility knife, stapler, and new padding.

1. Place the new padding on the boat seat to make a template.

2. Trace the padding and use the utility knife to cut it out. You may have to repeat this step a few times depending on the amount of thickness that you need to replace the worn padding.

3. Place the cut out foam in the seat and wrap the fabric around it.

4. Use the stapler to join the seat fabric.

Damaged Wood

To repair damaged wood on your boat seat, you need a hammer, saw, galvanized nails, pressure treated wood, small pry bar, and tape measure.

1. Use the small pry bar to remove the damaged wood from the seat.

2. Using the tape measure, determine the size of the wood pieces that will be required to replace the damaged area.

3. Transfer these measurements to the pressure treated wood.

4. Use the saw to trim the pieces required.

5. Place the new wood and use the galvanized nails to secure it along the edges.

Torn Vinyl Upholstery

Vinyl upholstery needs prompt repair to prevent extreme damage to your boat seat. It is cheaper to repair the tear instead of replacing the seat. To carry out the repairs, you will need a vinyl repair kit, scrap pieces of vinyl, and iron. The kit contains a graining sheets, repair sheets, and instructions.

1. Prepare the torn area for repair. You will need the vinyl repair kit to do this. The kit usually has several components including instructions. Use the guidelines provided to determine how hot the iron should be. If the iron is too hot, it can melt the material. A medium setting is recommended for the material. Make sure you pull the torn ends together as much as you can.

2. Put the repair sheet on the tear and ensure it sticks. The graining sheet should be placed on top of the repair sheet.

Place the hot iron on the sheet for a couple of seconds. Most of the repair kits in the market advise that the maximum time that you should place the iron on the sheet should be a minute. This prevents scorching.

But if the tear on your vinyl is large, you may have to place it for longer. Allow the vinyl to cool for a while and check to determine if the tear has been covered up.

It is advisable to cover your vinyl seat after carrying out the repairs to prevent it from tearing in future. You can find the covers in marine supply stores in your area.

Stuck Pedestals

This is another common problem that can affect boat seats. The pedestal may be stuck tightly in its base. To repair this problem, you need a can of pressurized air and rod holders.

1. Spray the pressurized air on the base of the pedestal. You can also spray the top of the pedestal until there is some frosting on the plastic piece.

2. Twist the pedestal several times to remove it from the base.

3. Install the rod holders on the base and put in the pedestal.

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