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Boat Propeller Maintenance Tips

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Some Boat Prop Care And Maintenance Tips

Many people are usually faced with a concern of ensuring that their boat propellers are properly maintained so as to be in a good working condition. Therefore, many people take their propellers to a dealer or a mechanic where they had bought the boat and consequently they end up spending more than it is supposed especially if the propeller fails to function. This all can be prevented by ensuring that the propeller is well maintained. This is because proper maintenance helps to eliminate the need for repairs.

Keeping your propeller in a good condition includes the seasonal requirements and the things that should be done after using the boat. However, even if you maintain your propeller well, there is need to do some repairs regardless of having major mishaps or not. This is due to wear and tear that creates need for minor repairs in the boating season. Some of the boat propeller maintenance tips include the following.


The engine of a boat requires much maintenance than anything else in the boat. A boat without an engine cannot move. If it is during a winter season, you should prepare your boat for proper storage after the season of use to make sure that the propeller will remain in a good form. Doing this prevents the major damages that may occur to the boat propeller due to water that may remain in the block of expanding and freezing. This also helps to keep all the parts moving freely and rust-free. You can be able to get your boat back in the water within a short time in the spring if only the engine is decommissioned properly using the marine-safe antifreeze.

If the place you live allows you to always keep your boat in water the whole year, then you should take your time and pull it from the water so as to perform some inspections just for the sake of the propeller. This should be done two times in a year. You should check the fluids and make sure that the engine is running correctly. The propellers of boats in saltwater should be cleaned as well as have the barnacles scraped since they may cause damage. It is at this time when you should change the engine oil and check for any cracks in the fiberglass. Lastly on this tip, you should test the propeller and replace any gauges that you find damaged on the dashboard.

Propeller Replacement

This is the most common form of routine repair that is needed on a boat propeller. The propeller moves the boat through the water and is located under the boat in the water. This is a vulnerable place for getting damaged and dinged in low water areas. The propeller also suffers mishaps once the boat is placed back in the water or pulled from it. The cost range of the propellers is between $50 to 200$ though the cost depends on the quality and type. The plastic propellers are the cheapest and the most easily damaged while the stainless are the most expensive and thus more durable. If your boat stays more on water, it is advisable that you get the stainless propellers. This is because the plastic propellers are effective in shallow water.
Proper care

Good preventive care measures helps to keep uncalled for repairs at bay. You should keep your boat propeller covered with a right fitting boat cover when it is not in use so as to prevent floor damage. Ensure that you have a checklist to use when you go out. The checklist should include the generator function and fuel, gasoline levels, and battery levels to prevent any shortage.

Other boat propeller maintenance repairs include checking the bilge pump frequently to always ensure that it is running. Even though you may not require a bilge pump, you will be happy if your boat begin taking on water since you will use it. The bilge pump should be in good form. The other common maintenance needed involves small dings and nicks in the fiberglass shell of the engine. Rubbing the ground or hitting the docks in shallow water may cause tears and rubs in the fiberglass and this may compromise the integrity on the boat’s hull. You should learn how you can apply the fiberglass or how it can be repaired at the nearest local marina.

To sum up on all the above maintenance tips of a boat propeller, it is clear that you should always keep your boat propeller in good form. You can just use the above tips and surely your boat propeller will always be in good form.

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