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A Guide To Choosing Boat Mooring Covers

A boat cover is an inexpensive accessory as compared to a boat but it is a very crucial in keeping the boat clean and safe. There are many types available and there are a lot of different manufacturers who specialize in providing these. There are many fabrics and sizes to choose from. Also, these are to be chosen on the basis of the environment locally. A humid environment requires a different fabric than a dry environment. Due to all these variations, it becomes a bit difficult to choose from different manufacturers and makes. One should do a thorough research before deciding on which one to buy. Remember that even though it is comparatively inexpensive, it is extremely important. We discuss below some of the things which one should keep in mind while shopping around.

Cover Types

Usually you can choose between a custom, universal, semi custom boat cover. A custom type is, as the name says, customized for your boat. A universal type on the other hand fits every boat which also means that it does not fit any boat perfectly. A semi custom type is a cover which fits a specific boat style. A customized type is the best bet but it will be costly as compared to the other two options. Therefore depending on your budget, you should make your choice. Another difference between semi custom and universal types is that most of the semi custom types are trailerable whereas universal types are not. Again, the choice depends on your specific needs.

If you have the budget, you should choose a custom type as it will fit the boat perfectly and will keep it safe from the natural elements. However, if you are looking for something a bit cheaper, then semi-custom type should be your next choice. Universal types are the cheapest and should be the last option.

Type of Fabrics

Boat covers are made of different fabrics. The type of fabric available is usually canvas, cotton, polyester or a blend of these. The canvas is a very good material and it will last from 2 to 3 years. This fabric allows for air to pass through, so if you're living in a humid environment, you should prefer one made of canvas as it will prevent growth of mildew.

Those made of cotton are relatively cheap and they are really soft. Usually these are made of a blend of cotton and canvas. They are easily available and last for a long time. Those made of polyester are not only sturdy but also very durable. They also repel ultraviolet rays and they do not allow water to seep through. If you live in a humid area, you should not go for one made of polyester as it will lead to growth of mildew on as there will not be any air ventilation.

Some of these are also made of marine grade acrylic fabric. This is the best fabric for salt water mooring. So, if you need to store your boat in saltwater, then this fabric will be the best choice for you.

Type of Support

It is most often the most overlooked aspect. A boat cover without any kind of support system to keep it tied will not be able to save your boat in case of even light winds. If the support system is not tied, then light winds will blow away the cover and your boat will be exposed to the elements thus defeating the whole purpose of having it. It also increases the life as no unequal stress areas are created due to wind blowing. Therefore, buy a cover with support system.

Five Top Boat Covers

1. Classic Accessories StormPro Heavy Duty

This waterproof cover is made of marine canvas fiber. It has adjustable straps
and comes with 5 years manufacturer's guarantee.
It is available from $94 to $260. It can be bought online at Ebay or Amazon.

2. New Vortex 24' Ultra 3 Pontoon

This waterproof cover is made of heavy duty fabric.
It can be bought from $168 and above from Amazon.

3. Sun Dolphin Pro 102

This is value for money waterproof cover.
This can be bought from Amazon from $114 onwards

4. Classic Accessories Hurricane

This is made of polyester fabric and is very durable.
This is available in the range of $40 to $182 on Amazon.

5. Classic Accessories Dryguard Waterproof

This is waterproof and durable.
This is available from $115 to $327 on Amazon

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