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Boat Liability Insurance

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Boat Liability Insurance For Peace Of Mind

Everybody knows what car insurance is and what it is good for, right? Then why are there people that do not have any idea what boat liability insurance is? Well, let me explain it to you. Boat insurance is basically the same thing as car insurance is, just for boats. Let's say you have an light accident and you damage your neighbors boat. If you wouldn't have insurance, you would have to pay the damages but because you do have it, the insurance provider will handle all the costs.

If you're already interested in it and you have no idea where to get it, don't worry. All the major insurance providers can insure a boat, and most of them offer really good prices. Of course, the price of the product will vary greatly. For example, you have a small boat with a 5 horsepower outboard engine. You will have to pay a much small price compared with the owner of a ship with two internal engines with 300 horsepower each. Also, the price will depend of your history. If you haven't had any accidents in the past than you will have to pay the base price while if you crashed your boat, then the price will increase accordingly.

But what is this boat liability insurance? Well, it will basically assure you that you won't have to pay the damage your boat made in an accident to a third party. For example, you crash your small boat into your neighbors boat. The liability insurance will pay the cost of damage for you and will also help you in case you get sued. If this happens, you insurance company will help you pay all the trial costs.

Let's look into what these companies have to offer. Before you choose a liability insurance, please take your time to check all of their offers in order to get what is best for you and your boat. Take into account that some of these will also provide you, besides the liability insurance, damage insurance for your boat, that will help you and pay off the damage in case your boat gets damaged by fire, wind or even theft.

The first insurance we'll look into it is the one offered by BoatUS. They will insure your boat as a leisure vehicle and will cover most of the situations you will go through. You can mail them via boatUSquote@boatus.com or you can even give them a call at 1-800-804-2628. You can also visit their site http://www.boatus.com/insurance/ in order to have a better understating of their policy. This company has several types of coverage. These are Yacht, Boat Saver, Angler, Liability Plus and PWC (personal watercraft). All of them include 24/7 assistance, wreck salvage and removal and even fuel spill liability.

Another insurance provider it's the ACE Group. They will offer seven types of boat insurance: Yacht Insurance, Small Boat Insurance, Mega Yacht Insurance, Classic Boat Insurance, Charter Boat Insurance, Personal Watercraft Insurance and Performance Boat Insurance (with speeds of over 65 mph). All of them offer liability protection and medical payments. If you're interested, you can mail them at ApolloRecMarFNOL@acegroup.com or give them a call 800 945-7461. If you want to see what they can offer, you can visit their site at: http://www.acegroup.com/us-en/individuals-families/pleasure-boats-yachts-ace-prs.aspx.

Markel Corporation is another company that will offer liability insurance. They will offer up to $500.00 spill liability costs and $1000 in medical payments. They have two types of policies, for small boats and for fishing boats. You can either give them a call at 1-800-236-2453 or send them a mail via customerservice@markelcorp.com. If you want to further research their offer, please visit their site at http://www.markelinsuresfun.com/products/boat/rates-and-coverage.

Discover Boating have eight types of insurance policies. They will insure your Boat, PWC, Yacht, Sailboat, Dinghy and even your fishing boat. The policies have different costs, depending on the boat age, your history and even the power of the boat. You can mail them at cblackwell@nmma.org or even visit their site here: http://www.discoverboating.com/buying/insurance.aspx. They have a $300.00 limit for insuring your boat.

Allstate Insurance will give you a custom insurance, based on what kind of ship you have. They will insure anything from a fishing boat to a yacht. If you'd like a quote you can give them a call at 1-866-601-2628, mail them via https://messaging.allstate.com/corp.aspx or even visit their site at http://www.allstate.com/boat-insurance.aspx.

UnitedMarine is the last company we'll look into. They offer several types of policies, from fishing boats and PWCs up to charter boats. If you'd like a quote you can mail them via umu@unitedmarine.net, give them a call at 800-477-7140 or even visit their site: http://www.unitedmarine.net/. You can view your quote and pay it online, so after receiving it, you'll just have to go out and enjoy your boat.

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