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Do I Really Need An Extended Warranty For My Pontoon Boat?

Pontoon boats have recently surfaced into the spotlight because they are relatively easier to afford, have versatile uses and can carry more people in the same area. They are also comparatively cheaper to insure even when they are equipped with engines of substantial capacity. Pontoon boats can be used for pleasure, fishing, crossing rivers and even as ferries to carry people or vehicles. Pontoon boats are not different from other boats when it comes to weathering and aging. Like other boats, pontoon boats are also susceptible to damage, wear and tear. If you own a pontoon boat, then you should not only have your boat insured, but also look into a lot of the extended warranty programs that are available for pontoon boats.

What is a Boat Extended Warranty Program?

When you are using a boat regularly, it is definitely going to suffer some damage every now and then. Every time something stops working in the boat or requires fixing, you can either pay for the repairs from your pocket or rely on your boat's original manufacturer's warranty. But the manufacturer's warranty usually expires in just one year. This is where the extended warranty programs come – they extend the manufacturer's original warranty by many years. For example, if your boat comes with a 2- year warranty from the original manufacturer, the extended warranty program will simply extend the same warranty for five more years – giving you complete peace of mind. These policies usually come into effect when your original factory warranty expires.

What are the Benefits of a Boat Extended Warranty Program?

An extended warranty acts as a safeguard against any unexpected vehicle damage repairs. Since the extended warranty is just a continuation of the original manufacturer's warranty, you do not have to worry about any warranty cost for a long period of time. It gives you peace of mind when you buy the extended warranty once and reap the benefits for many years to follow. A lot of extended warranties are also transferable to future owners. This works in favor of the seller as it also increases the boat resale value.

There are a lot of boat extended warranty providers in the US and all of them have lucrative offers for you. Here, we have assembled together a list of top ten extended warranty providers for you to choose from:

1) American Boat Association (ABA): The ABA provides an extended protection against the failure of nearly all the mechanical parts in your boat. Their extended warranty does not cover the electronic parts.

Mailing address: PO Box 690, New Market, MD 21774

Phone number: 614-497-4088

Website: http://www.americanboating.org/

Coverage they provide: All the mechanical parts and labor costs

Policy deductible costs: $25

2) Yamaha Boats: The manufacturers of Yamaha boats also provide an extended warranty program for their own boats. The program is called YES (Yamaha extended service). One of the benefits of using YES is that you always get genuine Yamaha parts whenever replacement of damaged parts is necessary.

Mailing address: 1270 Chastain Road, Kennesaw, GA 30144

Phone numbers: 866-YES-EXTD

Website: http://www.yamaha-motor.com/

Coverage provided: All the mechanical parts and labor costs

Policy deductible costs: None


3) Excel Credit: They are self proclaimed leading boat extended warranty providers for all types of boats, diesel engines as well as other water crafts. They cover all types of mechanical failures in your boat under their extended services program.

Address: 505 Wekiva Springs Rd. #200, Longwood, Fl 32779

Phone number: (800) 337-7774

Website: http://www.excelcredit.com/extended-services/

Coverage provided: All the mechanical parts

Policy deductible costs: $250


4) Legendary Marine: They cover all the mechanical parts of your boat as well as all the accessories such as stereo, generator, instrument panel, air conditioning and more. Their extended services program covers your boat for seven years with low deductibles.

Mailing address: 4601 Legendary Marina, Destin, Florida 32541

Phone number: 800-337-2436

Website: http://www.legendarymarine.com/

Coverage provided: All the mechanical parts and all the accessories

Policy deductible costs: Undisclosed


5) NBOA Marine Insurance Agency: They specialize in the insurance of all types of boats including pontoon boats. They have an extended warranty program that allows you to choose which parts you want to cover. You can choose a list to cover as few as 50 parts or as many as 750 parts under this flexible warranty program.

Mailing address: 4404 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34234-3864

Phone number: 941-360-6777

Official Website: http://www.nboat.com/

Coverage provided: Depends on your choice

Policy deductible costs: Flexible

6) VesselVanguard: The VesselVanguard offers what they call the advantage warranty which is a sort of extended warranty program that is designed to help eliminate unexpected repair costs as well as enhance the boating experience.

Mailing address: 3 Church Circle, Suite 325, Annapolis, MD 21401

Phone numbers: 888-214-1710

Website: http://www.vesselvanguard.com/warranty.html

Coverage provided: All the mechanical parts, engines, generators

Policy deductible costs: $150

7) Wholesale Warranties: Their extended warranty program covers all the mechanical parts including engines, electrical devices (generator, voltage regulator, etc.), controls, steering and power trim.

You can reach them thru this number: 800-939-2806

Website: http://www.wholesalewarranties.com/

Coverage provided: All the mechanical parts and some accessories

Policy deductible costs: $150

8) West Marine: Their extended warranty program is called Plus Product Protection and adds only two years of extended warranty beyond the original manufacturer's warranty. They cover all electrical and mechanical parts in this extended warranty policy.

Mailing address: West Marine, P.O. Box 50070, Watsonville, CA 95077-0070

Phone number: 1-866-927-3118

Website to visit: http://www.westmarine.com/

Coverage provided: All the mechanical and electrical parts

Policy deductible costs: Starts from $4.44

9) First Protection Corp.: They have extended warranty policy for all types of water crafts as well as sports boats. They cover the engine and some of the electrical and mechanical parts.

Mailing address: 601 Carlson Parkway, Suite 990, Minnetonka, MN 55305-5218

Phone number: 866-384-6320

Website: http://www.protectiveassetprotection.com

Coverage provided: Some of the electrical and mechanical parts

Policy deductible costs: $100

10) Marine Max: The extended warranty program from Marine Max covers all the aspects of your boat for as long as you wish. They have a custom configurable plans allowing you to pick which parts you want to be covered in the warranty.

Mailing address: 18167 Us Highway 19 N #300, Clearwater, FL, 33764

Phone number: (888) 429-6812

Website: http://www.marinema.com/

Coverage they provide: Custom selection

Policy deductible costs: Flexible based on your choices

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