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Boat Donation Programs: Make Junk Boats A Treasure To Others

There are things that may no longer be beneficial to its original users because of old age, outdated and perhaps have become more problematic than functional that may be of advantage for others. This calls for any kind of used or old properties, but in this case, Pontoon Boats are what this article will talk about. Yes, basically, if you have such kind of boat that is left rotting in your garage or stock room, why don't you check out for boat donation programs where this junk could be a treasure for others?

Boat Donations

There are bunch of organizations that accommodates boat donations from people in order to benefit others. Well, the deal about donating is basically, letting others benefit from the things you no longer use. In this way, you're able to help others just as much as you help yourself with the simple returns tied with it.

Beneficiaries of such benevolent act will totally be dependent on the field of organization where you're planning on donating your old boat. If you have specific interests or concerns to particular groups, then it would be a good idea to consider that as your preference when donating.

Causes Your Boat Donations Support

Since it is also important for the donors to know exactly the causes where their act would be beneficial to, here are some fields that are often included under boat donations plans and programs.

- Children, Elderly, Specially-abled people and Family Services
- Health Charity Organizations
- Animal Rights, and Animal Services
- Education Programs for the Youths
- Museums and Historical sites Preservation
- Environment and Natural Resources Conservation

Where to Donate Your Boats?

While it is true that searching for an organization or group where you could offer your old property and help them pursue their causes and interests for the welfare of others, the truth is, this field has also become a venue for scams and other fraudulent activities taken advantage by selfish people. So to make sure that your interest with boat donation programs will reach its beneficiaries, below is a list of 10 charitable organizations you may contact for ensured and guaranteed donation transactions.

1) Online Boat Donation Charity Organization:

This is a non-profit organizations that assist interested people like for a hassle-free and easier transactions for boat donations. For queries and other related matters, you may contact them at toll number (888)-228-7320. Access their online platform at http://www.onlineboatdonation.org/.

2) Chapman School of Seamanship:

The organization has been in operation since year 1971 training students for over 20,000 since then. For donations, you may hit numbers (888)-225-2481 or email them at donations@chapman.org. Check their website at http://www.chapman.org/.

3) Action Donation Services:

Operates all throughout the US and provides property donations to the country's finest charitable organizations. To check out more info about the organization visit this site http://www.actiondonation.org/ or call toll free number (866) 244-8464 with mailing address Action Donation Services, PO BOX 86551, San Diego, CA 92138.

4) American Red Cross:

Of course, this is one of the most reliable organizations you may contact for donations. You may visit their site for more info at http://www.redcross.org/ or contact them through 1-855-92 RC CAR (927-2227).

5) Catawba River Keeper:

Is also another option to consider for boat donations or any other item. They focus on causes such as education and environmental protection. Visit their site at http://www.catawbariverkeeper.org/ or contact them through 704-679-9494 at 421 Minuet Ln Ste 205, Charlotte, NC.

6) URI Foundation:

An organization administered by the Maritime Funding Association of Maine and Block Island. This provides assistance to URI Students and other related programs with maritime. Know more about them at http://www.urifoundation.org/ or contact them through 401-874-7900 and foundation@uri.edu.


Help them help youngsters and other interested individual to learn about sailing through your boat donations. Contact them at dave@salts.ca for your donations or call (250) 383-6811. More info about this organization is accessed at www.salts.ca.

8) Donate Used Auto:

focuses on feeding children and helping veterans at Purple Heart Foundation. Donate your boat through their online forms found at their site http://www.donateusedauto.com/.

9) RISE Adaptive Sports:

Help the organization in their interest to assist people with physical challenges in recovering and adapting by donating your Pontoon Boat at their mailing address: RISE Adaptive Sports, PO Box 141122, Irving, TX 75014-1122 and visit their site at http://www.riseadaptivesports.org/.

10) National Maritime Institute:

Help the organization in providing funds for the academics for the future guardians of the environment. Send donations at 3907 North Federal Highway, #193, Pompano Beach, FL 33064 or call (954) 788-8840. Visit their website at http://www.marineinstitute.org/.

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