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How To Properly Clean The Carpet Flooring Of Your Pontoon Boat

Pontoon boats are more often than not left out in the sun or rain; it therefore gets dirty pretty fast. Dirt is also introduced by human traffic using the boat. Even though most boat carpets are naturally designed to take lots of abuse from the sea and sun, they also tend to accumulate a wide variety of dirt in the process. It is also worth noting that the process of cleaning these carpets is quite different from the procedure you would otherwise go through when cleaning a normal home carpet. Most pontoons use marine carpet. This type of carpet is usually made from polypropylene fibers which is solution dyed, due to this fact; most of them are quite resistant to stains. Here though are some boat carpet cleaning tips worth trying out.

Because in most instances the carpet flooring is tuck to the boat using an adhesive, it is not possible to remove the carpet and clean it externally before returning it to the pontoon, It is advisable to tow or park the pontoon boat to a good place for carpet cleaning such as a driveway, this also ensures you don’t get to contaminate the body of water the boat may be using with dirty water and other debris. Once the boat is safely and stably parked, it is important to clear the boat of any movable furniture so as to create some space for you to work in.

Once you have created some space in the pontoon, use a stiff brush to thoroughly loosen the dirt or grime which may be stuck on the carpet. Make sure your brush is stiff enough so as to easily remove the loose dirt as well as those permanent looking dirt stains. Make sure you get to those hidden and hard to reach corners. Collect all the dirt and place it in a dustbin.

Once you have gotten rid of all the loose dirt and cleared it from the boat, you can then go ahead and vacuum clean the carpet thoroughly. Vacuum cleaning ensures that all the loose dirt is removed from the boat.

With the carpet now devoid of any loose dirt, pour a cup of white vinegar into a one quart spray bottle then fill it with water. Regular white household vinegar is safe enough to use in most types of pontoon carpeting; from vinyl to marine carpet cleaning. Spray the vinegar and water mixture generously over the entire carpet until it is well saturated. Paying close attention to areas that handle lots of human traffic as such areas tend to accumulate the most dirt.

You should let the vinegar to sit for at least ten to fifteen (10-15) minutes so as to penetrate all dirty spots and loosen them completely. It is worth noting that the longer the vinegar sits the more likely it will thoroughly clean the carpet and leave it sparkling and ready for the next adventure.

You should then brush the carpet using the stiff brush once again. Brush all the previously stained spots, all the grime and dirt is bound to be released from the carpet fibers quite easily now due to the presence of vinegar.

Using a garden hose with low pressure, thoroughly rinse the carpet so as to remove all the dirt remnants and clear the carpet of any present debris. Depending on the size of the carpet, this should be done until the water being drained from the carpet is clear and clean.

Using a shop vacuum, go ahead and suck up all the remaining water from the carpet. Try to suck up as much water as possible using the vacuum shop so as to minimize the amount of time it would take to completely dry out. Once you are through with the draining, allow the carpet to air dry completely. This should be done prior to returning any pontoon furniture. Depending on the amount of water you sucked up and the weather conditions during the cleaning period, this process may take a while.

It is important to ensure that the carpet is completely dry, this is because any hint of dampness will most likely attract more soiling therefore soiling your carpet once more and negating all the good work previously done on the carpet.

After ensuring that the carpet is completely dry, use the stiff brush once more to fluff up the dry and clean carpet so as to give it that dazzling new and fresh look. It is advisable to regularly clean your carpet so as to give a longer life span.


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