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Bird Deterrents For Boats

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Leading Bird Deterrent Products For Boats Currently In The Market

The canvas covers, spreaders, masts, railings and radars on boats tend to provide the perfect waterside perches for a wide array of bird species. Generally, the need for control of birds around the boat is necessitated by the fact that bird droppings can easily stain canvas covers as well as other surfaces on the boat. Excessive pest feces on the docks as well as beaches have also been known to pose some health risk since they can cause Coli.

When choosing a bird deterrent system, there are lots of factors one needs to consider since virtually all methods tend to have limited effectiveness, this makes the selection of an ideal system difficult to make. However, there are several key factors that one needs to take into consideration such as ethics and aesthetics, the bird species which should include the size, behavior as well as habits of the species in question, the location of the boat, the climatic conditions, time of the day as well as the time of day.

There are different types of deterrent systems in the market. these include systems such as electronic bird deterrents, Wind powered bird deterrents, Solar powered deterrents, flash tapes etc. Solar powered deterrent use continuous motion to prevent large pest birds from landing, they have 2.5 foot long arms that are mounted on top of the unit that continuously spins, hence providing around 5 feet of coverage. In such a system, the sweeping and spinning movement does scare birds away from the area that’s been treated. These systems are ideal for preventing birds from landing on boats, docks, swim platforms etc. this is preferred by many since it is a humane way of controlling birds since it doesn’t harm the birds and is solar powered. It is also worth mentioning that these units usually come with a rechargeable battery which allows the unit to be used during dark periods.

Other boat owners opt for a physical bird deterrent system. This usually involves the creation of a visual distraction that frightens the birds from an area that’s been treated. This can include the use of scary animals such as a big spider or even a large bird eating animal. These units work by spinning the 'fake’ animal such as a spider, letting the arms bounce and sway in the wind so as to frighten the birds. They are ideal for use on docks, boat covers, canvases, Biminis etc. They are quite effective in scaring away birds such as crows, pigeons and gulls.

There are also more advanced systems such as ultra-Sonics which are marketed for hearing ranges above 20K Hz; these are typically used to produce high frequency sounds which act as a means of deterring birds from nesting or roosting in certain parts of the boat. This system though is not very effective on the hearing range of some birds which have roughly the same range as humans. There are also distress signal call systems which can be used as an alternative. Their efficiency is anchored on the fact that birds naturally warn other birds of any potential danger. Such systems work by mimicking these sounds, and then use them to warn surrounding birds on the danger of coming near a particular boat. Its effectiveness though does depend on the technology used. they are however best suited for use against flocking birds such as starlings.

You may also decide to use a gel coating repellent. This is typically based on gels of polybutylene; they have a tactile property that usually irritate bird’s feet. They are quite effective at the onset but get ineffective over time since it’s prone to absorbing airborne pollutants which cause the gel to harden, making it quite difficult to remove. It can however last for anything between eighteen (18) months to two (2) years.

Here are some of the popular Bird Deterrents For Boats in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Bird Gard Pro PA4

Product Price: $ 149.99

Product URL: https://is.gd/X2BWHG

Product Details: this unit does broadcast bird distress calls at a lower frequency that’s consistent with the lower frequency calls of relatively large birds. Each speaker does protect up to one acre of space and comes with a one year warranty

2) Product Name: Solar Bird Repeller

Product Price: $ 99.00

Product URL: https://is.gd/wNranm

Product Details: a portable, solar powered deterrent system that applies continuous motion to prevent relatively large birds from landing. The unit has the distinct advantages of being portable, lightweight and very easy to mount on both angled and flat surfaces.

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